Error Instruments’ TOMO lets you play parameters by touch

New module is a CV/gate controller and experimental audio source.

Error Instruments Tomo

Experimental electronic instruments brand Error Instruments has released TOMO, a CV/Gate controller and sound generator for Eurorack. Inspired by the STEIM Crackle box, the new module is all about deliberate glitching and randomness.

Equipped with CV out, the 12HP-sized module lets you control parameters with a pressure-sensitive touch interface designed to yield unpredictable results. Besides CV out, Tomo can be connected via alligator clips to external devices such as smartphones, a feature that’s likely to produce interesting creations.

On top of its controller duties, TOMO also doubles up as an experimental sound generator when a patch cable is plugged into its output. The last of its I/O is an audio input, which can be used for audio or CV control.

Check out an overview of TOMO below:

Available at €59. More info at


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