Dorian Concept says goodbye to “love/hate” Microkorg synth

“Sometimes you have to say goodbye to [instruments]. The Microkorg for example, I probably won’t be using again.”

Dorian Concept

Dorian Concept

Producer Dorian Concept has revealed a “love/hate relationship”, he says, with the Korg Microkorg synthesizer.

In an interview with MusicRadar, the Flying Lotus keyboardist, recent Kenny Beats collaborator and solo artist who’s always championed the Microkorg, cites the instrument as a constant throughout his career. He goes on to say, however, that his time using the instrument is coming to an end.

The Austrian artist compares instruments to friends, saying that each is limited to its own key strengths, before personifying Microkorg as an old friend he needs to say goodbye to.

He says, “…I love that there’s a limitation to every device. If I play something on the SH-101, it’s like a similar relationship to a friend. There’s the friend that you go for if you want to discuss your depression or the friend that you’d go for a beer with to forget about it. I love having a unique relationship with each instrument. Sometimes you have to say goodbye to them. The Microkorg for example, I probably won’t be using again.”

Later, when discussing his most used music gear, Dorian Concept highlights the “complicated” relationship he has with the Korg microkorg.

“The Microkorg [is] a complicated, love-hate relationship, as is often the case with the first big one… it just leaves you with a weird feeling, but it initiates you. That’s what the Microkorg did. Having travelled with it so much and used it in so many tracks, up to 2014. It’s all over my production.”

Also in the interview, Dorian Concept – real name Oliver Johnson – talks about the stand out tracks on and concept behind his new album, What We Do For Others. Johnson also personifies instruments again when describing his “session approach” in the studio: “Moog Prodigy, for example, always was the bass player,” he says. “And the SH-101 always felt like the lead woodwind or brass player.” He also talks about his move from Reason to Cubase, and reveals that he’s “never worked in MIDI”.

Read the full interview with Dorian Concept on Check out his new album on Bandcamp.


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