Convergence is an affordable 10-band mastering compressor

The company also offers a stripped-down 4-band version for free.

Cut Through Recordings Convergence

Image: Cut Through Recordings

Cut Through Recordings has unveiled its new 10-band mastering compressor, Convergence. Aimed at tackling particularly rowdy signals, Convergence is a flexible mastering compression plug-in at an affordable price of $45.

For each band, you’ll find standard compression controls of threshold, attack, release, ratio and makeup gain. There’s also an option to solo each band, or multiples – letting users more accurately dial in their dynamics for each area in the frequency spectrum.

While it offers a maximum of 10 active bands at a time, you can choose to run as few as 2. Add to that the ability to set your own crossovers for each band, and this looks like a flexible mastering compressor for tackling adjustments both broad and surgical. You can also save your crossover settings to recall in future projects.

Cut Through Recordings has also put out a free version of Convergence, which limits some functions and features a respectable four bands.

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