CLARITY by MasterSounds offers high fidelity audio listening and monitoring.

The speaker system is designed for DJs, producers and music lovers.

Clarity MasterSounds home set-up

MasterSounds, a UK boutique audio manufacturer, has announced its new high-quality audio system CLARITY. The speaker set-up has been designed and developed with TPI, who are known for their world-class audio systems, found in venus such as Phonica and Corsica Studios, as well as Atlantic Records Studios.

CLARITY comprises the Cube 6 loudspeaker, PM 160 Power Module amplifier and Sub 8 passive subwoofer. The Cube 6 is fittingly equipped with a 6-inch custom TPI driver to provide open, transparent and clear sound. The PM 160 Power Module takes care of amplification, using dual-mono linear topology and TPI circuit design to give 320Wrms of power to the Cube 6 loudspeakers and Sub 8 subwoofer.

CLAIRTY’S Sub 8 is equipped with a carbon fibre 8-inch dual-voice-coil driver with TPI exclusive bandpass design. This allows for flexible room placement and extended output, producing a natural, controlled bass response. The Cube 6 and Sub 8 feature composite front panels, polished and engraved by TPI, with the PM 160’s outer sleeve crafted and polished in the same material to present a united aesthetic.

Ryan Shaw, founder of MasterSounds says of the new system: “We have developed a solution where all the parts of our CLARITY system are built for perfect symbiosis with one another, removing the age-old problem of system matching headaches, even down to us supplying the correct inter-connecting leads. Simply add a chosen pre-amplifier or DJ mixer, and enjoy a wonderful audio experience!”.

Priced at £4495 including VAT, CLARITY is built to order in 2-3 weeks. Find out more at For more music technology news click here.


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