CEntrance launches MicPort Pro 2, MixerFace R4B

Two new mobile recording interfaces.

CEntrance has unveiled the MicPort Pro 2 and the MixerFace R4B, both of which are updates to the brands mobile recording interfaces. Here’s a closer look:

MixerFace R4B

The MixerFace R4B adds a pair of custom-designed miniature condenser microphones to the mobile recording interface, creating a completely stand-alone XY stereo recording setup. Otherwise, the new model returns all the features of its predecessor, including the built-in SD-card recorder.

Retails for $499.99.

micport 2

MicPort Pro 2

The MicPort Pro 2 has been beefed up with all of the new features of the Mixerface product, including a built-in rechargeable battery. Other highlights include the brand’s patented Jasmine Mic Preamp, which features 20dB more gain and less noise than the original, and analog-to-digital converters that operate at 24-bit/192kHz. The latter enables broadcast-ready performance.

Retails for $249.99.

More information at centrance.com.


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