The Bettermaker EQ232D plug-in recreates a classic hip hop EQ

Featuring the beloved Pultec EQ section with much more headroom.

Plugin Alliance EQ232D

Image: Plugin Alliance

The Bettermaker EQ232P, a stalwart EQ of hip hop production, has gone digital. Plugin Alliance has teamed up with the original Bettermaker team to introduce the EQ232D, a faithful software rendition with some modern twists.

The plug-in features two identical channels, and splits into three EQ sections. There’s the Pultec EQ for your high- and low-end, a parametric EQ for your mids, and a high-pass filter.

Like the original, the beloved Pultec-style EQ sits at the heart of this plug-in. However, it comes with loads more headroom and without analogue distortion and grit.

Otherwise, its controls are similar to the original, letting you make dramatic boosts to a frequency and then dial it back just enough with an attenuator. Pultecs are most associated with their smooth-sounding top end, and supple bass.

Meanwhile, the pair of parametric EQs cover your frequencies from 15Hz to 15kHz, and the high-pass filter, which cuts 24dB per octave.

The EQ232D also has Stereo, Dual Mono, Mid-Side operating modes, and a plethora of presets for jumpstarting your production workflow.

Check out Plugin Alliance’s demo of the EQ232D below:

The Bettermaker EQ232D is available now at an introductory rate of $229.99 (usually $299)

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