Beatsource DJ lets users discover and audition tracks in a web browser

Featuring tools to quickly audition tracks and curate playlists

Beatsource DJ

Image: Beatport

Subscribers to Beatsource Link can now use a web-based app to access their libraries right from a browser. Beatsource DJ touts a speedier workflow and integration with popular performance software and hardware.

Handling track discovery, track auditioning and playlist curation happens through drag-and-drop functionality, plus the web app’s built-in decks.

DJs can quickly take tracks to a performance platform, as the app boasts integration with Serato and rekordbox to Denon DJ, Virtual DJ and more. On top of that, it’s MIDI-capable, making it possible to easily link Beatsource DJ to an external controller.

Jonas Tempel, CRO of Beatsource and Beatport, explained in a statement how the app helps speed up DJ workflows.

“The biggest time-suck for every DJ is prepping sets,” he said. “This web app … helps users quickly find and experiment with music as well as build performance playlists, all without wasting a bunch of time.

“Then, using our LINK technology, DJs can easily access these playlists inside their go-to performance software like Serato for performance.”

Beatsource Link, a joint venture between Beatport and DJcity, provides DJs with a wide online catalogue to stream to their decks.

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