Artiphon’s Orba 2 lets you record samples and loop up to 128 bars from the palm of your hand

The handheld instrument also adds automatic quantisation to its toolkit.

Artiphon Orba 2

Image: Artiphon

Artiphon has released Orba 2, adding new performance features to the fun-focused original introduced in 2020.

Orba 2 comes preloaded with a range of samples from traditional instruments – such as pianos and guitars – to synths. Users will also be able to import their own samples, and through the Orba App, record their own sounds and turn them into Orba presets.

Once again, the instrument puts a focus on quick-and-easy perforamance; users can tap, press, radiate, tilt, shake, spin and more to trigger samples and modulate them.

Orba 2 also introduces an automatic quantize function, allowing a seamless way to keep music phrases on time. And, it now lets you record up to 128 bar loops (across 5 minutes) in stark comparison to its predecessor’s eight bar loops.

Moreover, music-makers working on a desktop DAW can use Orba 2 to control MIDI-based software such as GarageBand, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Cubase, FL Studio (or any standard MIDI and MPE-compatible mobile app or hardware) via USB-C or Bluetooth MIDI.

Artiphon’s CEO, Mike Butera shared: “We’ve dreamed of allowing anyone to play any sound they can imagine, anywhere they go, without worrying about historical instrument skills or abstract music theory. Orba 2 finally makes that possible.”

Orba 2 is available for purchase at Artiphon for $149.99. For more, head over to


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