Satura is a free saturation plug-in from Reddit user, Arntsen Audio

Excite dull signals with digital distortion, lo-fi tape delay and Moog filter-style saturation.

Arntsen Audio Satura

Image: Arntsen Audio

Arntsen Audio has released a free three-knob software saturator that aims to “capture the essence of the 80s gritty sound”.

Through its three-knob control scheme, music-makers can use Satura to excite dull signals, introducing digital distortion, lo-fi tape delay, and analogue transistor-style saturation through a Moog ladder filter emulation.

Arntsen Audio first announced yesterday (27 April) that it would be giving away Satura in a Reddit post. The developer cited fierce competition in the plug-in market as the reason for abandoning plans to sell the software – instead offering it for free. Read his full post here.

While Satura remains completely free to download, members of Reddit’s online community have since convinced Arntsen Audio to include a donate button on his website.

Learn more about Satura at

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