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FL Studio Tutorial

Image-Line’s FL Studio has been used by a plethora of iconic artists, such as Deadmau5, Skream, Soulja Boy, Avicii and Kaytranada. It’s a go-to DAW for beginners and pros alike, and if you’ve been thinking of getting to grips with it, our free FL Studio Tips video tutorials can help you out.

MusicTech FL Studio Expert Max Venus will be your guide on this tour through Image-Line‘s DAW. You’ll learn the essentials of FL Studio in every video, understand its workflow, explore the different features and, most importantly, how to get creative quickly.

We’re starting off with the basics and gradually move into more advanced and creative techniques, as in our Logic Tips and Ableton Live Tutorials series. Subscribe to our newsletter and YouTube Channel for weekly updates on new videos and content.

In our first five videos we cover:

Max Venus has been using FL Studio for over a decade and has released music on various labels, including Liquicity, New State Music and GAWA Recordings, under multiple aliases. His current project is MXV, releasing progressive house tracks on MNL, Songspire Records, ZeroThree and more. He’s also written FL Studio tutorials for MusicTech.

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