denise audio releases Sub Generator and 35% Black Friday discount on all software

Get the low-frequency fattener for free when you buy any other denise plug-in.

Denise audio sub generator

With Black Friday deals taking over the airwaves this month, software developer denise audio has stepped up to the plate. Sub Generator is the newest new plug-in from the Berlin-based brand, which is available for free when purchased with any other plug-in. There is also a 30 per cent discount off any purchase, plus 35 per cent discount when buying there plug-ins or more.

Sub Generator is essentially a low-end booster for your instruments, with drums at the forefront of examples provided by denise. Aesthetically, the plug-in looks much like of the denise family – take a look at Perfect Plate and you’ll see what we mean. denise says that Sub Generator is inspired by the same developing filter concept found in Noize 2.

With a frequency slider, you can set the pitch of the low-end sound emitting from Sub Generator, with the option to go by note or frequency. The graph above the parameters can also give you a quick reference point if you’re tuning by frequency on-the-fly. The low-pass and high-pass filters will give you tight control on the frequency content of Sub Generator, with a mix parameter to dial in the exact amount. Input and output controls are onboard, too. Rise and Fall are essentially sliders to control attack and release of the plug-in’s effect.

The three larger sliders – drive, mono and Dance – are just below the graph. Drive and mono should be fairly straight forward; the former gives control over how much saturation or drive is applied, while mono dictates how central the sound is in the stereo image. Dance is the unique parameter here and is supposedly an LFO which can control sidechain.

Sidechain can be activated in the top panel, along with Replace, solo and Adapt. Replace lets you remove existing low-frequency content and replace it with a more pronounced low end. Adapt mode will make Sub Generator respond dynamically to incoming signal.

Sub Generator would usually cost €29, but is free during Black Friday. You can also take advantage of the aforementioned Black Friday offers, though the company has not specified an end date for these deals.

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