CloudBounce’s desktop app lets you master your music in mere minutes

Deploy reference-based mastering, genre-style mastering and target loudness

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“It’s like having a real-life mastering engineer always on call”, CloudBounce says of its new dekstop mastering platform. Developed over five years and based on its successful online mastering service, the app uses AI to master your music, be it short demos or full-length albums and DJ mixes.

CloudBounce requires no uploading or downloading of music and is capable of instantly previewing your tracks and mastering them in minutes. You can make use of reference-based mastering, in which the app matches characteristics from a user-selected track; genre-style mastering, which is similar to reference-based mastering, but using a genre as a reference; album-wide settings, output loudness control, easy exporting to all major file formats and more.

CloudBounce’s desktop app features a drag-and-drop workflow, with the AI analysing your track then using machine learning, classification and production techniques such as EQ, compression, limiting and stereo imaging to create a final master. You can make your own adjustments with 16 different mastering options, too.

With album mastering, the app has the ability to process a whole album with track order specified and different mastering options applicable to individual tracks or to the album in its entirety. The track output loudness levels can be adjusted with a handy loudness dial, changing the LUFS level and limiter characteristics.

The brand’s online mastering platform has now mastered over a million tracks and tripled its user base this year. With SoundCloud now offering its own mastering service and Landr being continually used by established artists, it appears that the music technology community is welcoming AI-driven mastering solutions. CloudBounce’s desktop app has been built with the help of its existing customers using the online platform, taking their feedback into consideration and aiming to “set new standards in automated, AI-driven mastering”, the company says.

CloudBounce CEO, Anssi Uimonen says: “The desktop app is a culmination of nearly all user feedback we’ve gotten during the past 5 years. We’ve completely revamped the architecture, user experience and sound characteristics into the new app. Album mastering, instant previews, seamless LUFS control, and many other features will be loved by our customers. This will be a true game-changer for indie artists, record labels and even DJs, because now you can master huge files easily, without the need to wait hours upon hours to upload and download tracks. As a token of our gratitude for all of the critical, honest feedback we’ve received from our loyal users, we’re giving them the app for free. You only need to have an active subscription and you will get both the existing web-based mastering and the new desktop app.”

A CloudBounce subscription will give you access to the desktop app as well as the cloud-based mastering service. This is priced at $19.90 per month or $200 annually.

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