Check out Love Hulten’s MDLR-37 foldable modular Korg Minilogue

What happens when you combine a Korg Minilogue, a Doepfer A-199, a Meris Enzo, a T-Rex Replicator and a Korg Microkey?

Love Hulten MDLR 37


Designer and AV artist Love Hultén has a new synth to show off: the MDLR-37 foldable modular synth. This time, the Minilogue modder has hooked up a Korg Minilogue to a Doepfer A-199 spring reverb, a Meris Enzo and a T-Rex Replicator – all in one hand-crafted wooden enclosure, controlled by a Korg Microkey 37.

Hultén has kept specifications and operation of the MDLR-37 to a minimum, as is customary in his presenting of new synth mods. He has, however, created a video that shows the synth in action. Check it out below.

So what exactly does the MDLR-37 comprise? The Meris Enzo is a dual-oscillator digital synth pedal that tracks the input signal from a guitar, synth, keyboard, or any other instrument, and transforms it into a synth sound. Pitch, filter, filter envelopes, arpeggio functions and more are all included. It scored a 9/10 in our review in 2019. This surely adds some extra weight to the MDLR-37’s Minilogue sounds – not to mention the various effects that it boasts.

The T-Rex Replicator is a tape echo pedal that uses a motor, magnetic heads and a tape cartridge to produce authentic analogue echoes. You’ll notice the guts of the tape delay on the top panel.

Doepfer’s A-199 Spring Reverb is included for more time-based effects, with the original module featuring parameters for level, feedback, emphasis and mix. The module also contains an actual spring, which Hultén has also ripped out and placed on the face of the MDLR-37 for a stripped-back, mechanical aesthetic.

It’s unclear whether this synth is up for sale or has been made for a private client. Hultén’s previous work, such as the Montesynth, have been privately commissioned. If you’re keen on acquiring a unique, retro-style synth by Hultén, you can contact him at


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