Busted Fake Oh 8 is a free 808 sample pack with a Eurorack twist

369 mangled one-shots of a busted TR-808 clone.

Busted Fake Oh 8

“What happens when you take a perfectly good drum machine and run it through a gauntlet of Eurorack filters, effects, wavefolders and compressors?” asks wavparty. “Uh… this sample pack”.

Busted Fake Oh 8 is a prime example of how far you can mutate simple and familiar sounds into something else. It’s not quite clear what wavparty has done to this defenceless TR-808 drum machine clone to make it sounds so warped and wild. But you have to admit, the results are pretty interesting. Below is a demo track created entirely with the Busted Fake Oh 8 pack.

In its own words, wavparty’s Busted Fake Oh 8 is “a set of wild, grungy, and unexpected drum sounds that can add character to virtually any track”. Boasting 369 sounds in 44.1kHz/16bit WAV, this is the brand’s biggest sample pack yet. Best of all, it’s completely free – although you can opt to pay as much as you like.

Included in the pack is:

  • 138 kick drums (87 tuned to C)
  • 58 snares
  • 36 open high hats
  • 26 claps
  • 24 closed high hats
  • 23 toms (tuned)
  • 16 cymbals
  • 13 claves
  • 13 cowbells
  • 12 maracas
  • 10 rimshots

The kit also included an Ableton Live Pack with 10 different instruments, three of which can be used as drum kits. Built into these instruments is a selection of effects and Push-friendly macro controls.

Download the pack at wavparty.com

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