Baby Audio integrates AI into its new tape emulation plug-in, TAIP

“Tape plug-ins are not a new concept. However, Baby Audio’s emulation method is”

Baby Audio TAIP

Baby Audio has released TAIP, a tape emulation plug-in that uses AI to introduce the warmth and idiosyncratic behaviour of analogue tape.

TAIP is designed to be the “ideal ‘Tape Machine for the DAW era”, Baby Audio says. Using AI and neural networking, TAIP can reproduce sonic qualities from real tape machines, thanks to Baby Audio training the algorithm with dry and processed audio, and teaching it to identify the different characteristics.

The European software developer opines that “AI is an overused – and often misused term. But [Baby Audio] believes it’s the future of music technology. It just needs to be used genuinely and with a legitimate purpose.”

Along with its revolutionary approach to tape emulation, TAIP also boasts an array of modern features and parameters to customise the sound to your taste. Check out some audio demos below.

Baby Audio has equipped the plug-in with Drive for imparting colour to the sound; Mix to run your tape in parallel or create a tape flanging effect by combining the wow and flutter in parallel with the dry track; Wear to combine wow, flutter and an altered frequency response curve for the sound of worn-out tape machines; and Noise to add or omit tape noise.

You can also toggle different Models of TAIP with Single tape and Dual tape modes. Lo-Shape and Hi-Shape enable you to saturate the low- and high-end of your instruments, and Glue will let you apply a compression-like effect for subtle squashing or all-out crushing. Finally, Presence allows you to dictate how much high-frequency content to attenuate, and Input and Auto Gain let you add more heat without affecting the output volume.

Baby Audio’s new plug-in features 135 presets created by established producers and engineers: Mark Needham. Max Jaeger, Eestbound, Rob Kleiner, and Cesar Sogbe.

TAIP is available at an introductory price of $39, moving up to $69 after 31 October, in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX formats for macOS and Windows.

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