Get AI-generated FM synth patches for free

Harness AI to make DX7 patches that can be used in Dexed.

This DX7 Cartridge Does Not Exist

This DX7 Cartridge Does Not Exist

FM has a reputation for being complex. For example, the Yamaha DX7 – while capable of incredible sounds – was notoriously difficult to programme. But a new AI-powered service could be here to help you get more out of FM without having to worry too much about the specifics.

This DX7 Cartridge Does Not Exist uses an AI trained on a wide selection of Bobby Blues patches for the DX7 to create FM patches that are 99.9% unique.

According to the AI’s makers, it uses a form of machine learning called a Variation Autoencoder or (VAE) to reduce the 155 parameters available on the DX7 down to only eight.

To get your free and novel DX7 patches, all you have to do is hit a button on the site and 24 patches will instantly be downloaded as a sysex ‘cartridge’ that you can load into the free cross-platform DX7 emulator Dexed, a Korg Volca FM and several other FM synths.

Having played with it a bit, we can say that we’re rather impressed by the number of usable patches in each cartridge download. And, if you’re willing to put the time into learning a bit more about FM synthesis, they could be a valuable starting point.

If you want to learn more about programming FM, we’ve put together these two tutorials to get you started using the free Dexed plug-in.

Nintorac Audio, the AI’s maker is also looking into making a plug-in version, so you won’t need an internet connection to generate new patches.

This DX7 Cartridge Does Not Exist is free to use, but Nintorac Audio accepts donations and also has a Patreon for ongoing support.

To get your own AI-generated FM patches, visit