BAE Audio’s new R53 Channel strip comes free in a bundle deal

The 19-inch rack unit holds three 500-series modules

BAE Audio R53

BAE Audio has announced the release of its new R53 Channel strip, and has included it for free as part of a bundle deal. The California-based manufacturer is known for its authentic vintage-style preamps and compressors, often inspired by classic Neve modules.

The R53 is a 19-inch rack unit that can house three 500-series modules, meaning engineers and producers can slot this into their traditional rack systems. The modules can then be included in their normal set-up, and can be linked in order to use all three modules as a channel strip.

“The R53 is a great solution for anyone looking to link our 500-series modules within a traditional 19-inch rack setup,” said Mark Loughman, President of BAE Audio. “We’ve spared no expense in ensuring that the unit has solid steel construction, a robust power supply, and is easily serviceable, meaning that it will be an essential part of anyone’s recording studio for a long time to come.”

To celebrate the release of the R53 BAE Audio are offering the rack unit as part of a bundle deal. Any customers purchasing three 500-series modules will receive an R53 for free – as long as the purchase includes at least one EQ module and one compressor module. The modules eligible for promotion include:

  • BAE 312A 500-Series Mic Pre
  • BAE G10 500-Series 10-Band Graphic EQ
  • BAE 500C 500-Series FET Compressor
  • BAE 73MPL 500-Series Mic Pre
  • BAE 73EQL 500-Series EQ

The R53 is available now at a price of $500 USD

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