A.O.M Nu Compressor packs 52 compression programs into one plug-in

One compressor to rule them all?

A.O.M Nu Compressor

Tokyo-based software developer A.O.M has introduced a new compressor – aptly named Nu Compressor – which boasts 52 different programs for an array of production purposes.

The 52 programs are categorised by their use case; this includes Vocals, Bass, Saturation & Drive, Special, Bus, Kick, Snare, Clear & Smooth, Instruments and Unplugged. A.O.M says that every program is made up from over 90 “hidden parameters”. These include the envelope generation algorithm, knee shape, attack and release time ranges, reduction curve shape and static/dynamic control of frequency response and saturation.

Although the hidden parameters can’t be adjusted, you do still have access to the normal compression controls on the left panel, such as threshold, ratio, attack, release, input and output level. There is also a dry/wet mix, which makes parallel compression simple. The sidechain trigger input can be set to detect either internal or external audio, with high- and low-cut knobs for shaping the sound. There is also a classic-looking VU meter showing gain reduction so you can keep an eye on processing.

A.O.M’s compressor might be feature-packed, but this multi-faceted plug-in doesn’t come cheap. It weighs in at $300 for a perpetual license, putting it above many other compressors and in the same price bracket as plug-ins like the UAD Fairchild Tube Limiter Collection. That said, could it be the last compressor you’ll ever have to buy? You can try a demo and find out for yourself.

Nu Compressor is compatible with Windows and MacOS in 64bit, as VST2, VST3, AU and AAX.

Try out A.O.M Nu Compressor at aom-factory.jp

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