5 essential bass plug-ins

Our top picks of the best bass plug-ins every producer needs.

Essential bass plug-ins

Now that we’ve learned about why bass matters, let’s take a look at which plug-ins you should consider purchasing to make that low end rumble.

Modo Bass by IK Multimedia

This extraordinary bass plug-in captures 12 iconic instruments and has a range of customisable options that include performance controls and picking location. It’s worth considering if you’re after that bassist-in-a-band feel.

Renaissance Bass by Waves

Waves - Why Bass Matters

Waves’ bass enhancement plug-in Renaissance is held in high esteem. It allows your bass to shine through even on tinny portable speakers and its simple interface makes it a doddle to use.

Substance by Output

Output - Why Bass Matters

A bass engine that combines all manner of bass instruments. With a three-layer engine and 300 presets, it’s the ultimate all-in-one low-end design tool.

Trillian by Spectrasonics

Spectrasonics - Why Bass Matters

Competing with Output in the all-in-one bass-package field, Trillian has a 34GB library of instruments and sounds, as well as 4-pole filter algorithms with oscillating resonance.

Bassynth by Wave Alchemy

Waves Alchemy - Why Bass Matters

This flexible four-layer Kontakt instrument has a large collection of sound sources and massive scope for low-end sound design. The raw sounds themselves are eminently usable.

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