Best freeware plug-ins: Six of the best free utilities every producer needs

They might not make noise, but they will help you make better noise.

GT Analyser

GT Analyser

Getting a good overview of a sound or your entire mix is as important as being able to hear it, and we’ve included several free utilities that enable you to ‘view’ your sound. GT Analyser is one of the most sleek and modern, a high-resolution spectrum analyser plug-in that offers stereo and mid-side views, plus plenty of customisable options so you can tailor it to your taste.

Mac/PC, 32/64-bit. More info here

Infected Mushroom/Polyverse Wider

Polyverse WiderWider, you might not be surprised, is designed to widen mixes. It works as both a stereo and mono-to-stereo widening effect. It describes itself as ‘mono compatible’, essentially meaning that the phase issues apparent with some similar plug-ins are ironed out and any widened mono signal remains in phase with itself. It looks as simple as it is effective and can ‘go up to 11’ on your width – that is, up to 200%!

Mac/PC, 32/64-bit. More info here.

Loopmasters Loopcloud 5

Loopcloud 5Loopcloud used to be more about sample management, but has become a lot more creative – see the full review later in this issue. There is now a monthly subscription option, but there is also still a free one which gives you a limited number of free samples a month, but the important mixing and matching of samples with your music in both key and time – and in real time. It’s well worth giving it a go just for the ideas it may inspire.

Mac/PC, 32/64-bit. Read our review here

Room EQ Wizard

RoomEQ Wizard

Getting your studio room sound right is essential when mixing and mastering and Room EQ Wizard might well be the free room-acoustic analysis software you need to do just that. It generates audio signals, measures SPL, frequency and impulse responses, distortion and more, and displays displays EQ responses so that you can either iron out peaks and troughs or at least be aware of them when mixing. You’ll need a measurement mic, but this will do the rest.

Mac/PC, 32/64-bit. More info here

Voxengo Correlometer

Voxengo Correlometer

Being able to meter your mixes in detail can be great when you need to identify phase issues or high and low frequencies that you can’t necessarily hear, but will impact on the overall mix. With between four and 64 bands, Voxengo’s Correlometer will allow you to get visually to the detail of a mix and identify issues with relative ease and comes with several timing features, presets and resizeable UI.

Mac/PC, 32/64-bit. More info here

YouLean Loudness Meter Free


This plug-in will give you all the loudness information you need on your mixes including loudness range, true peak, dynamic range and peak-loudness ratio which in turn will help you understand the true perceived loudness of your music – essential information given the number of different outlets you can stream it on or play it through. It looks properly ‘pro’, too, with loads of feedback and graphical data that can only benefit your mixes.

Mac/PC, 32/64-bit. More info here

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