Show Off Your Studio: Josh Boardman of Battle Tapes’ cosy home studio

Inside the moodily lit space where the band’s frontman does most of his songwriting.

battle tapes josh boardman

Though they often work separately, each member of Battle Tapes adds unique character to the overall sound

You’d imagine, based on the band name alone, that Battle Tapes would congregate in a cluttered warzone of a studio to write their tracks. Far from it. The group’s frontman, Josh Boardman, has built a studio in his Los Angeles home that’s cosy, comfortable and perfect for hatching new songs.

The space is Boardman’s ‘ideas room’, where he sketches out blueprints for a track before the rest of the band puts in their parts. “Sometimes, it’s just me in the studio and I’ll get an idea that just happens so fast that I need to record it and work on it before anyone else gets in,” he said “It’s kind of unorthodox songwriting, I guess. Rarely are we in the room together when it’s happening.”

MusicTech was fortunate enough to steal a peek at the studio when we interviewed Josh – here’s more of it.

josh boardman battle tapes studio
Josh’s studio, where he writes and produces independently from bandmate Riley Mackin. The two then collaborate over the cloud
josh boardman battle tapes studio
Josh’s ‘modular corner’ which contains all sorts of toys from Korg,
Moog and Roland
Josh Boardman and bandmate Riley Mackin in Josh’s studio battle tapes
Josh and Riley in the studio
teenage engineering op-1 battle tapes josh boardman
Josh finds the Teenage Engineering OP-1 offers an inspirational new approach

battle tapes josh boardman studio

An original Minimoog Model D
An original Minimoog Model D

josh boardman battle tapes studio

Overstayer Modular Channel josh boardman battle tapes
Tidy front end, including an Overstayer Modular Channel

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