Uncovering Rare Finds inside Nashville’s Welcome To 1979 Studio

Welcome To 1979 was conceived by studio owner Chris Mara as a time capsule – he reveals his most prized gear.

Chris Mara at Welcome to 1979

Chris Mara at Welcome to 1979

In our first episode of Rare Finds, we visit a suburban Nashville studio that was conceived as a homage to the recording techniques and gear of a bygone age. That studio is Welcome To 1979, founded by husband and wife team Chris and Yoli Mara.

The studio’s dedication to the old ways don’t stop them from having a Pro Tools rig, but much of the studio’s ethos is rooted in the tradition of recording a band together in a room, rather than programming and piecing together takes.

Watch as Chris Mara shows off his most prized production possessions, spanning vintage compressors, pre-WWI mics and a restored curio from the 1890s.

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