Gear Of The Year: Best audio interface of 2021

In a landscape of ‘rectangle metal boxes’ this interface chose to do things a little differently.

Audient EVO 8

WINNER: Audient EVO 8

Price: £145
Contact: Audient

EVO 8 succeeds in its quest to make recording effortless by smoothing out the interface experience.

Features such as SmartGain and a built-in loopback are a win-win for both experienced users and novices as they replace brainless tasks with automatic processes. It also bears in mind that not all users are musicians; podcasters and streamers alike will find the EVO 8 easy to navigate.

Aside from that, the four-in, four-out interface has all the bells and whistles you’ve come to expect: quiet preamps; monitor and headphone outputs, and a JFET instrument input for guitarists. Again, it’s all in how it’s been presented, and these changes make the most sense when you consider how many ‘flat-rectangle-with-knobs’ are already out there on the market.

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